About the coin of Mr.j

The vision of my coin
-The value imagination base on value tracking

I think that the main value of cryptocurrency in the world lies in the value imagination in the future.And everything I create is basically based on the value imagination of value tracking.

It means that they have fundamental values because they have locked up specific assets.

like AI MABI, they are a value-related coin.

So it is a way to make everything or everyone to be a coin.And I want to make them to connect each other just like how the world work.So I will create and combine different assets to set up a value net,a ecology.
If you have a deep understanding of the crypto market. As you can know, I have basically produced the core coins and characters in the entire crypto market. This is like a value map in the crypto world. ETH BTC BNB DOGE This is the core of the crypto world I also joined UNI CAKE, these more promising coin.
It is a reconstruction and interpretation of the value ecology of current mainstream coins.

The price just means the development of something or someone.
This will be a model of a financial product in the future I belive.
I saw and I am practicing it.
That is the main value of my coin.

Where is its value and demand?

Can you buy something like MABI in the In the traditional financial model.
It is an asset index.

It includes stocks TSLA, and coins dogecoin and BTC.
And on the BSC chain
It is easy to invest to everyone.
It is a real asset about Musk.
Buy it means you are part of Musk in someway.

It is fun. Isn’t it?

How they work

Their basic work is built on the liquid pool.
For example MABI
I create 3 pool on pancake for it and locked most MABI on it

BNB-MABI (basic pool on bsc)

When the locked pool asset rise like doge rise.
The Doge on pool will buy MABI itself. So the price of MABI will rise too.
The same as BTC TSLA
So If no one invests in it, no one buys it. Then his price is completely. determined by the locked assets.

After someone buys it, its price will rise on this basis. At the same time, the locked asset in the pool will decrease

And in some way,
If MABI locks enough doge and TSLA.
Then they will also become an on-chain intermediary for Musk-related assets.
Let people trade their doge and TSLA through MABI more conveniently and with little friction

3.The type of coin I make now

3.1 Related Asset Index coin

3.2 Related asset coin

3.3 Personal economy coin

3.4 on-chain economy company coin

3.5 some meme coin base on BNB


1.So with regards to your value related coins; Will they have protection against wild speculations and volatility?

It all depends on my current capital control ability. I hold a lot of usd and a lot of Coins. Therefore, excessive speculation can be suppressed from two aspects. But the separate liquidity pool itself does not have this function. This requires your intervention and maintenance. If the value of your coin itself is too small. The advantage of linking all prices is that they can stop speculation to a certain extent. If one person wants to raise the MRJ price. Because MRJ and SKC MABI are locked. So when he buys MRJ, the price of SKC MABI will also increase. Its price will be transmitted to SKC. They are related to each other. So I can also control the price of MRJ through SKC. But currently the liquid pool can solve the problem by itself. Because their size is not small anymore.
The price of btc dropped sharply some time ago. Almost the entire crypto market has shrunk in value. The liquidity pool also plays a big role here, and this is risk. Need to be noted.
This is inevitable in the new era of liquidity pools, and the crypto market is still relatively young. But I think it will be better in the future. But in any case, this is a double-edged sword.
And I don’t like people over speculating on my coins. This means a zero-sum game. Some people have made money from fluctuations. But many people lost. And people will complain about my coin. This is what i don’t want to happen
So time is the only way to earn more.

2.In terms of Speed, Safety, Scalability, and simplicity does your tokens have an edge in any of these over already existing tokens?

My coin is a BEP-20 token. Like other coins on bsc. Convenient performance should be the same
The reason why I chose bsc. It is because the transaction fees of this chain are not as expensive as eth. Most people can participate.
And I trust Binance. The second is that my coins use the most basic panceke protocol. The security risk here is relatively low.

3.With such a huge system, can they affect the whole body?

The degree of influence between them is mainly determined by the market value. A coin with a large market value has a great impact on a small market value. The market value of my token is very small, so the growth of my token will be completely determined by mainstream coins.
This is also the main reason for their price changes. And there is also some kind of value interaction between my tokens.

Statement and investment advice

1. I will never recommend anyone to buy my coin. If they don’t understand how they work.
If you don’t understand how LP (liquid pool) works.you don’t know what is happening with my token.
2. My tokens do not need anyone to buy. Mainly I am buying my own coins. I take the risk of my tokens.
3.If you are a young investor. I would only recommend you to buy ETH BTC. Do not invest in such high-risk projects with small market value.
4.If you understand my project like me. and love my coin as much as I do. Then I will not prevent you to invest in them.
If you believe that I will not harvest you (this is the main risk).
5. I may consider financing to advance my project in the future.
6. I just want to share my joy in the design and operation of my token now.
7.I love my coins




The CEO of Skykingdom Capital/blockchain native/Loyal follower of Vitalik/Coin creator/Skilled investor

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The CEO of Skykingdom Capital/blockchain native/Loyal follower of Vitalik/Coin creator/Skilled investor

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